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Warlords of Draenor PvP Equipping Changes

The new World of Warcraft expansion Warlords of Draenor will bring again a lot of PvP equipping changes as Blizzard states in an official blog post.

The PvP Power stat that was introduced with Mists of Pandaria and it was basically a value that did make PvP gear stronger against raid and dungeon gear in PvP combats without exceeding the value of its equivalent PvE gear in PvE situations. Blizzard calls it a success in instanced PvP Arenas and Battlegrounds but they want to make it better as they want to get those benefits to the outdoor world PvP fights of players too.

To get to the point… PvP-specific stats will be removed from the PvP gear in Warlords of Draenor. In the upcoming expansion, if you enter a PvP Arena, a PvP Battleground or a PvP fight anywhere in outside in WoW, the PvP gear will scale up to a higher item level. The PvP item level will be displayed in a tooltip of the gear. So, if any player with raiding gear will attack you, while you have PvP gear equipped, the higher level will take effect and you will the advantage in the fight over the PvE player. All other gear, even PvP gear that you found anywhere, will be will be at least scaled up to a certain minimum item level in any PvP areas, which means PvE gear does not have to be downscaled anymore in PvP areas as the PvP gear will then have a higher item level anyway.

Then Warlords of Draenor will bring some changes to how PvP gear is earned. They improve the bonus rewards you can earn from doing Random or Call to Arms Battlegrounds. After a the PvP matches you are able to be rewarded with a Bronze, Silver, or Gold Strongbox or even all three. What kind of Strongbox you get, is related to the success of your team and how the match will end but even if your team is losing, you can still get rewards. They say that you can for example get a bronze Srongbox if your team has taken one of the flags in Warsong and if you get the second flag too you will additionally get the silver box and with three flags you get all the boxes. Meaning that you shouldn´t give up because there can be things as Honor points, Conquest points or maybe even gear in those boxes.

Finally they said that they do think about ways to reward players in the unranked Arena Skirmishes too, but they aren´t sure yet how they will hand the rewards out.

Then they are talking about the ever-increasing item level gap between the Honor point and Conquest point gear. They try to bridge that gap with three separate tiers of PvP gear. There will be one set of a quality similar to today’s Honor gear but you will be able to get it way faster. This set can be earned with the mentioned Strongbox rewards after PvP matches. Then they introduces a Veteran’s set which you can either get through honor points or as possible rewards coming out of silver or gold Strongboxes. They say the PvP item level of this set will be halfway between the starter gear and Gladiator’s gear. They mentioned that there won´t be much changes about the Gladiator’s gear as they were happy how it worked in the PvP Season 15. The only change they make is that Rated Battlegrounds and Arenas will have the same base Conquest cap with Warlords of Draenor and if you win a Rated Battleground, you get the chance to roll on a piece of Gladiator’s gear.

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