Bulgur Salad, The Perfect Dish For Warm Weather

Bulgur Salad Box

From one day to the other the weather changed from rainy weather to hot weather. It´s at the moment very warm and I really dislike to eat warm dishes when the weather is so warm. I prefer colder dishes as salads then. One of my favorite salads is the Bulgur salad that the woman of the Turkish fruit dealer creates. I think I wrote about it already but I have some new photos and thought I do it again. Bulgur is made of durum wheat as she told me and it is often used in Turkey, she said. She said she would use spring onions, hot pepper, parsley, tomato paste, lemon juice, chili flakes, oil, salt and pepper as ingredients as well.

Her son told me that they would serve it traditionally filled in lettuce leaves and they cut an extra lemon in case someone would want to have a little bit more refreshing lemon taste. Because you can squeeze a lemon over the salad and the drops will give it a very refreshing taste, if you like.

Since I know this from them, I do usually buy their ready-made bulgur salad, an extra lettuce and a lemon and then it will be super delicious and it is as perfect dish for hot weather. It´s one of my favorite Turkish dishes. The woman in the fruit shop always told me that it would be very easy to create this salad and she also wrote down the recipe that I have at home, I believe in my kitchen but I never tried it because her salad is already super delicious. But it´s fine that I got her recipe, it´s friendly and I will give it a try some day. I do believe some people also call it Kisir salad but the fruit seller in my district usually call it just bulgur salad. However, it´s super delicious! Here are some more pictures…


5 thoughts on “Bulgur Salad, The Perfect Dish For Warm Weather

  1. I love bulgar. It’s a rather popular dish in the Caribbean but I’ve yet to see it take off here at home. It’s pretty harty and I’ve never thought of preparing it this way, almost like quinoa

    1. Never heard about quinoa but this seems to be indeed a little bit similar. I asked google to find pictures and quinoa seems to be very interesting too! I will research more. I love this kind of stuff. 🙂

  2. It looks so ‘sexy’ XD. What’s the main ingredient? I mean ‘the yellow things’. I want to try this.

    1. The orange stuff that looks like rice? It´s some kind of wheat. They call it durum wheat, And then they add some vegetables and herbal as said 🙂 Super tasty 🙂

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