Tasty Bulgur Salad

I like to eat some Turkish and Arabic meals and side dishes. I do for example like Bulgur salad. I have a Turkish fruit dealer around the corner and I know this family since a very long time. Years ago when I bought fruits, she suggested me to try her Turkish Bulgur salad. I said that it would look like Cous Cous and that I really love Cous Cous, but she replied that it would be similar, just still not the same. I got a small box filled with Bulgur for free, including the suggestion to put it on lettuce leafs and to squeeze a lemon out over it. Since then she got me, several times during summer I would purchase my portion Bulgur and complained with a smile that she knew how addictive it is. Friendly as they are, they said that they would have no problem to share the recipe but since I am way too lazy to be a good cook, I preferred to buy it from them. They make it fresh several times a week, and I thought they deserved the money because it’s so delicious.

However, my mother is more interested to try out recipes and she has a friendly Turkish family as neighbors and the woman suggested my mother to prepare it since it would be so much cheaper and the perfect summer snack. Last week I visited my mother and was surprised when I looked into the kitchen. There was spice in the air, the delicious aroma that gives you tears while you smell it. It’s not new to me, because my mother likes to cook Arabic things, especially Cous Cous and I thought she would do it again. Would have been awesome too, because it’s one of my favorite international meals, but then she told me that it would be Bulgur salad and I was as happy about it. She prepared it two times this week, and I ate tons of Bulgur. Super delicious! I thought I share a photo with you. I could as well share a recipe, but believe me if I say that I am better at writing manuals for software products (laugh). Apart from that, my mother said, the online recipes are the same with just some variations. Here is the photo…

Bulgur Salad

7 thoughts on “Tasty Bulgur Salad

  1. My wife learned how to make Lebanese food from her ex-husband’s family. I don’t know how similar that is to Turkish food but I like their Tabouli Salad, which also has bulger.

    1. I think I never ate Lebanese food, but I would definitely try it. I like all the spicy things from the Arabic countries and would try everything except meals with fish. We have a lot of Turkish people in our city, and Turkish kebab bars are very popular in Germany… but I didn’t spot any Lebanese restaurants in my city yet. I googled Tabouli Salad and it seems this is the Lebanese bulgur salad variant according to Wikipedia. I should search a recipe for this too 🙂

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