Fitness Armament

I had a goal to save a certain amount of money but due to my patience I saved almost twice as much as planned. I am not really an impulse buyer, but if you overshoot your own goals so much, you can really care less. So, I did basically save 200% of what was planned, I thought I take out 20% to go on a real shopping spree. That’s what I did already last week, but this week I continued. Last week I purchased tons of clothes, like shorts (in case the rainy season comes to an end, lol), polo shirts in all kind of colors because I really like them. On the weekend I purchased a better clearomizer tank for my e-cigarette, one that is better to handle because of the top-filling system. And since I am still on a sporty trip, I went shopping again today and purchased some extra fitness equipment.

I didn’t have any dumb bells at home anymore. I purchased a set of 2 x 5 kilo dumb bells. I do already push-ups every second day, but my right pectoral muscle seems to grow much faster than the left one. My logic said, it’s because my right body side is generally more at work during the day, because I am right-hander and carry everything with the right arm unless I have to use both of course. I wanted dumb bells because then I can do different exercises beside the push-ups, and not only this, I can also work-out the left pectoral muscle individually. For now I did this with left-handed push-ups, but the dumb bells will allow me to do some other things.

Last week I saw one of these fitness teachers on YouTube and he used one of these products for home training that I would maybe call “elastic band”? However, I liked the idea because you can do basically exercise different things with it, including the pectoral muscle too. If you ever visited a gym in the past, you maybe know one of these training stations where you can do butterfly exercises. You can do this with the elastic band too. But as said, there are different ways to exercise different muscles with this elastic band. Next, I only had one running t-shirt, I wanted a second one. The other one was black, now I purchased one in white. The reason was, after the running I put the t-shirt in the laundry, and if I just have one running shirt, it’s bad if the shirt is not dry the other day.

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