Weekly Photo Challenge: Unusual

This week the WordPress Photo Challenge is about unusual things, and I think I can participate with a photo. When I lived in Reinfeld for a half year, I did often hike through the small forest areas because it was so easy and fast to get to the forests compared to living in a city. You get used to it that you have more nature next to your door than in a city. I sometimes walked the same routes, but sometimes I also tried to discover different ways. One day I walked a to me new route, and then I saw a tree trunk that made me laugh…

I’d say that this is pretty unusual, I don’t always see tree trunks that grow into such a strange shape. I saw this in the past, I just don’t see it often. Anyway, I have no idea how this happens that a tree trunk grows unusual like the one in my photo. It’s funny, because I tried to google this and I did even have difficulties to formulate my questions, even in my native language German. Even if I ask Google for “Trees that grow strange”, I just find pictures of strange trees. However, I thought this photo would fit the recent photo challenge.

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