Playing With The Cat And A Band

Playing With The Cat

I took the photo above while playing with my cat. She did swipe this band from one of my shorts that was laying on my bed. I would need to thread this band back into the shorts with a needle but decided to use the band to play with my cat. I mean, she seems to like this band, otherwise she wouldn´t have stolen it. We played a lot until she got tired to sleep away on the jacket that was laying on my bed as well. Seems to be cozy there 🙂

6 thoughts on “Playing With The Cat And A Band

  1. When I first read the caption I thought perhaps you were teaching Shyna to play a musical instrument so that she could accompany you when you played guitar 🙂

    1. That was the same that I had in mind while writing the post 😀 I though “Oh people could think with this caption that I write about a music band and my cat” 😀

      1. I am sure this would be a viral video 😀 Well, if I can teach my cat how to give paw, I probably can teach her to pluck on a guitar string 😀 I guess it would be just a matter of taste how it sounds 😀

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