Purchased My Favorite Jeans And Shoes Again

In September 2014, I wrote about some sneakers that I purchased back then, but now they didn’t look that great anymore as I used them a lot. But these sneakers were my favorite ones and I visited the same local store to check out if they still have them, and I had look. I had to purchase them again but this time also some special cleaning spray and with inlays as I walk a lot. They are still not the best shoes for wandering, but anyway I simply like sneakers and I hope it’s better with the inlays. The shoes … Continue reading Purchased My Favorite Jeans And Shoes Again

Shyna And The New York Yankees Cap

Usually it´s so that my cat Shyna annoys me and not the other way around. For example if I work on the computer, she sometimes bugs me and meows until I give up to work on the computer and spend time with her. I´d say this does not happen always but often! Well, she is very attached to me but over the time she also learned that I can´t keep her busy for 24 hours. But as said, sometimes she won´t accept it and then she will bug me until I spend time with her. Yesterday, it was the other … Continue reading Shyna And The New York Yankees Cap

Playing With The Cat And A Band

I took the photo above while playing with my cat. She did swipe this band from one of my shorts that was laying on my bed. I would need to thread this band back into the shorts with a needle but decided to use the band to play with my cat. I mean, she seems to like this band, otherwise she wouldn´t have stolen it. We played a lot until she got tired to sleep away on the jacket that was laying on my bed as well. Seems to be cozy there 🙂 Continue reading Playing With The Cat And A Band

My Cat Found Another Cozy Place

Shyna found a new cozy place. The heater! Ok to be honest, she found the heater always interesting but especially when there are clothes that dry off on the heater. The clothes aren´t only a warmed up cozy bolster, no they also smell fresh. Only problem, I will have all the cat hairs in my freshly washed clothes. But well, if you love cats then you have to accept this circumstances sometimes. 🙂 Continue reading My Cat Found Another Cozy Place

My Cat on my Knees :)

My Cat chills on my Knees. Dont worry… even if yu see her Paws and Claws. My Jeans is in it´s original condition 😀 I bought the Jeans in this cool ragged Style. It was not my Cat! 🙂 I made the Photos when me and my Cat did chill in the Morning. The first Blogpost and Photos were made with the Front-Camera of my Smartphone but I decided to use the better Camera of the Phone in this Blogpost. Continue reading My Cat on my Knees 🙂