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Tag: Clothes

Shyna And The New York Yankees Cap

Usually it´s so that my cat Shyna annoys me and not the other way around. For example if I work on the computer, she sometimes bugs me and meows until […]

Playing With The Cat And A Band

I took the photo above while playing with my cat. She did swipe this band from one of my shorts that was laying on my bed. I would need to […]

My Cat Found Another Cozy Place

Shyna found a new cozy place. The heater! Ok to be honest, she found the heater always interesting but especially when there are clothes that dry off on the heater. […]

My Cat on my Knees :)

My Cat chills on my Knees. Dont worry… even if yu see her Paws and Claws. My Jeans is in it´s original condition 😀 I bought the Jeans in this […]