Purchased My Favorite Jeans And Shoes Again

In September 2014, I wrote about some sneakers that I purchased back then, but now they didn’t look that great anymore as I used them a lot. But these sneakers were my favorite ones and I visited the same local store to check out if they still have them, and I had look. I had to purchase them again but this time also some special cleaning spray and with inlays as I walk a lot. They are still not the best shoes for wandering, but anyway I simply like sneakers and I hope it’s better with the inlays. The shoes are from the brand Vty (Victory).

I did also purchase a grey jeans that I owned already earlier too. I think the brown shoes and the grey jeans fit together well, I do at least like both colours together. Yes, that’s me, once I found my favorite clothes, I really rebuy the things again if the stuff is faded or damaged, until they don’t have the same clothes in the assortment anymore. I have for example several favorite jeans and several favorite shirts, that means I don’t wear only the same stuff, but I definitely have my set of favorite clothes.

I think a lot of people consider this bored, I have been asked many times why I just bought the same jeans again and not a new look, but I do buy different things too, it’s just that I don’t think that it’s bad to rebuy the clothes that I liked much. I am definitely a creature of habit, I do like to find new things too, but I also like to find clothes again that were my favorites for a long time.

Also I don’t care that much about brands, to me it’s more important if I like the look. I do in fact dislike clothes with brand logos sewed or printed on it, I mean I am not an advertising sign or something. I didn’t notice it in the store, but this time the jeans that I owned already once, had a big brand name sticker sewed on it. With that said, you can probably image what I did at home, I did solve the seam with my scissors and removed the label. I can’t remember but the chance is high that this is the reason why my earlier jeans didn’t have a brand logo either (laugh).

Talking about colours again, I really like it plain, as with the brown shoes or plain grey jeans, or jeans in different blue tones, I have shirts in all kind of colours like blue, white, black and so on. I am a little bit more creative with shirts, although I own a lot of plain shirts, they don’t have to be plain, but they shouldn’t be too colourful, but patterns like lines or squares and a few different colours are ok. But overall you definitely can say that I am minimalist talking about fashion, most likely everything else but not a “fashionist” who would buy clothes based on the release date. Now I didn’t plan to mention details of my taste, I like free style writing and do that often anyway. The subject made me chatty, it’s sunday and I had boredom earlier (laugh). I hope I didn’t bore you with my thoughts.


7 thoughts on “Purchased My Favorite Jeans And Shoes Again

    1. That’s my opinion too. I don’t see why this should be a problem. If something fits and if it was comfortable, I have no problem to rebuy it. Yes, also it defines me and shows my taste.

  1. I don’t think there is anything wrong with buying the same clothes again if you like them. If they are comfortable, wear well and you feel good wearing them that is the important thing. As a photographer it’s good to be able to blend in to your surroundings when you are out and about. More people would notice you if you were wearing a loud coloured shirt than the neutrals that you like. It’s a lot easier on the wallet if you stick to a plan with clothes shopping anyway.

    1. I made the experience that you are still visible even with more plain clothes… as soon as they notice you have a “big camera”, you get all kind of conversations, some of them are funny or cool, others are annoying as hell. I find it so funny that I actually had the idea to write a post about it… Here are some examples…

      Funny: While I took pictures of a bridge in the city, someone came to me and asked me if I would be an architect for the city. Later, another person asked me in the city if I would work for the local newspaper. 😀

      Cool: Outside of the city in the nature, a woman saw me and asked me if I had luck and if I found some great photo opportunities. After a little bit of talking and the words she used, it was clear she knows her stuff about photography, she does take pictures too.

      Annoying: This week when I had my camera on the tripod due to the dusk and longer shutter speeds, someone approached me to tell me that there would be no camera shake and that I wouldn’t need a tripod anymore today. Looks like he had no idea about long exposure and generally.

      It doesn’t happen too often, but I think the clothes don’t help me too much 😀 Although, who knows, I agree, maybe I would be more noticeable with more colourful clothes.

      The point with the wallet is good, I check out if the clothes look good and if I can make a bargain. The shoes and jeans didn’t cost a fortune and I knew that. I like to hunt cheap things.

      1. Really, people come and talk to you that much? I am surprised but I just read your post about street photography so maybe seeing someone with a great big camera is more unusual in your part of the world. I guess that’s one of the advantages of using a phone or tablet to take pictures, everyone seems to do it and nobody even notices that but a “real” camera attracts attention.
        I’ll comment about your other post later, want to think about it a bit more.

      2. Yes, but as said not too often. I had all the three conversations in a time span of a month. That’s still negligible, but still something I didn’t expect either, some people are curious what you do. I never had someone approach me when I took a photo of a landmark or tourist area, people just assume you are a tourist. But when you take a photo of a bridge because you like the textures, someone can get curious what the heck you are doing and why you take a picture of that bridge. I believe taking pictures of landmarks is something common and people can imagine what you are doing, but taking a picture of less popular things like a bridge might make some people curios and wonder if you are an photographer of an architect bureau (laugh).

        I think the idea that someone might just want to mess around with textures in Photoshop, that is less common. If at all, it is less common in our city to take photos unless you take them at a tourist location, for example in the historic district. Our city has a quarter million of people, much less than metropoles like Berlin or Hamburg. In cold seasons when the tourists are away, I didn’t spot a lot of photographers in my city, that is probably different in the big cities. It’ll be fun to find out how that goes in autumn when I am one of the fews that runs around with a camera in our city. 😀

        Yes, the other point is good. People take their privacy serious, I had even someone telling me “Don’t take a picture of me!” while I just had my camera strapped around my neck, not planning to take a picture of anything at that moment, that was last month. 😀 So, some people are wary about DSLR’s for privacy reasons, others just out of curiosity. It’s not uncommon here to have a DSLR, but definitely different than in other countries (saw for example on YouTube how people are more easy with street photography in other countries). The German laws about photography give you an impression how even photography is regulated here. 😀 But it is now more difficult to enforce since everybody is basically owning a phone with a camera now.

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