Purchased My Favorite Jeans And Shoes Again

In September 2014, I wrote about some sneakers that I purchased back then, but now they didn’t look that great anymore as I used them a lot. But these sneakers were my favorite ones and I visited the same local store to check out if they still have them, and I had look. I had to purchase them again but this time also some special cleaning spray and with inlays as I walk a lot. They are still not the best shoes for wandering, but anyway I simply like sneakers and I hope it’s better with the inlays. The shoes … Continue reading Purchased My Favorite Jeans And Shoes Again

Ladybug Taking Off From A Blue Jeans

The image above is really awesome considering that my mother shot the image with her Samsung Galaxy S3 and that you simply can´t plan photos like this one. My mother and me took a lot of photos of this beautiful ladybug. I showed one of the photos earlier. My mother with her S3 and I with my Sony Xperia P. But my mother took some more photos when I was done and at some moment the ladybug was taking off from the blue jeans and I said to my mother “With luck, you have the scene saved!” and we browsed … Continue reading Ladybug Taking Off From A Blue Jeans

A Ladybug On A Blue Jeans

As promised here, I have some nice new ladybug photos and I want to show you one of them now. You see how the nature starts to flourish and at the same time you can find the first insects, that is what I like about springtime. Some things on our earth are so beautiful that you don´t need a professional camera or image editing, to show the prettiness. I think ladybugs are a great example here. They are simply beautiful on their own and it is always cool if you have them on a photo. I didn´t do anything other … Continue reading A Ladybug On A Blue Jeans

My Cat on my Knees :)

My Cat chills on my Knees. Dont worry… even if yu see her Paws and Claws. My Jeans is in it´s original condition 😀 I bought the Jeans in this cool ragged Style. It was not my Cat! 🙂 I made the Photos when me and my Cat did chill in the Morning. The first Blogpost and Photos were made with the Front-Camera of my Smartphone but I decided to use the better Camera of the Phone in this Blogpost. Continue reading My Cat on my Knees 🙂