New Outfit And Old Problems

Today I had to go shopping, because my favorite black jeans is kaput. And I don’t know anymore how often I mentioned it on my blog, but I am a creature of habit and I couldn’t care less about the latest fashion trends, I just want to get the exact same clothes again. But of course this is not always possible. Factories and stores always come up with something new, even though “new” is the wrong term, it’s more like a constant rotation through ideas that have been there previously. It’s probably more correct to say that they change things every season, and I hate changes!

In the past this forced me to make panic purchases, for example when I heard that they won’t produce my favorite Vty shoes anymore. Some of the shoes are already kaput, but I still have two pairs in brown and one pair in black. But there will be a time when I have to find new favorite shoes, I am just thankful that this time is not now. But as always, I lost the thread of the conversation. I am here to talk about this awesome black jeans that is now kaput, and the fact that I had to purchase another jeans.

This time I managed it to find a jeans with the exact same cut, and they call it “straight cut” which is funny, because my black jeans had the same cut but was called “slim cut”. I like it if the jeans is a bit more tight, but not too tight. And I am pretty sure most manufacturers just call it “slim cut” in Germany. But I took this grey “straight cut” jeans with me to the fitting room, and when I realized it’s the same cut like my black jeans, I was already pretty happy. I tested the same size I always wore, and the grey jeans was maybe even a bit more tight, but I thought it would still fit, especially since I lost about 10 kg due to my fitness routine.

But still unhappy that it isn’t a black jeans, I did put it back and looked around in the store. I knew it was the last one in my size and in that moment, primal instinct set in (laugh). You know, there could be rivals, looking for jeans in the same size. It was clear, I had to protect my prey, that’s how you survive in this world. I took the jeans and told myself that the washed out grey doesn’t really look bad, and I also thought it would fit to all my shirts. But what was more important than the color, was the fact that the jeans did fit like wax. Still like a hunter in prehistoric times, I absolutely forgot to check the price. But at the cash desk, I got a smile when I saw that I just have to pay 20 Euro. I left the store with a grin and thought “This time I’ve been less complicated”.

So in theory, what I got was almost the exact same jeans, except that it is not a black but a grey jeans with some kind of “washed-out” appearance. You will see photos below where I wear the jeans. Of course I still wear my lovely Vty sneakers, damn I love them so much, they need to survive as long as possible. Recently I am more a fan of polo shirts, but I have a couple of other shirts like a checked shirt that I wear in the photo too. I got that one two months ago, it was a gift of my mother. She knows damn well what I like! Talking about the jeans again, I think I will purchase it twice if they have it in my size again, just in case! Here is the new outfit…

6 thoughts on “New Outfit And Old Problems

  1. It must be a “guy” thing! I hate to buy clothes and tend to buy the same styles can colors over and over. If I find a shirt I like, I buy one in each available color. Not stylish, but I do enjoy comfort that comes from wearing something I know will feel and look right! Good luck finding the black jeans in your size and in the style you like! At 20 euros, the grey jeans were a fantastic bargain!

    1. Totally this! I don’t want to follow every trend, I just want to feel good in clothes I always felt good in. You’re right, I think we are very practical when it comes to clothes 🙂

      Yeah, the grey jeans was indeed a nice bargain, and the jeans is fine.

      1. Then, another guy thing is to wear clothes till they are shreds. Of course, men with wives or mothers (for young guys…) come home to find those jeans or that shirt that is worn out just right has gone into the rag bag or the trash! LOL! I had some really favorite bell bottom jeans when I was young. They got holes in them from battery acid from a forklift battery at work, so I got appliques from a sewing shop and covered the holes with teddy bears and other goofy things. It bought the bell bottoms a few more months, till my mother found them and turned my favorite bell bottoms (two pair) into a quilt. What could I do or say. It was my mother who committed the crime! Ha!

        1. Haha, true! That’s what happened with my black jeans. It had a couple of holes too and only when they became bigger and too visible, I got the idea to buy a new one.

          Totally true, we wear out our clothes to the last moment 🙂

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