New Look of my Living Room and Tons of Photos

As I wrote some days ago, I wanted to refurbish my living room because it was time to do so. Well, I finished the work and thought I share the result now (You can click on the photo to open up the media gallery view)… I wanted to give my living room a warm ambience and I also wanted to have an asia look in this room as I really like that kind of culture and style. The husband of my mother helped me to paint the walls in soft yellow and the ceiling in white. When we finished the … Continue reading New Look of my Living Room and Tons of Photos

Weekly Photo Challenge: Nostalgic

We visited a nostalgic palace in Schwerin, which means that the Weekly Photo Challenge: Nostalgic comes to the right time. The palace is build on an island surrounded by lakes. The palace is called “Schloss Schwerin” and it is a very beautiful place. The palace is build in 1845-57 by order of Friedrich Franz II as a residence for the grand dukes of Mecklenburg-Schwerin. I think the architecturally idea is called neo-renaissance style and remembers a little bit to the french style like the Chambord. Today Schloss Schwerin is a museum. Outside it is already beautiful but sadly we didn´t … Continue reading Weekly Photo Challenge: Nostalgic