New Look of my Living Room and Tons of Photos

As I wrote some days ago, I wanted to refurbish my living room because it was time to do so. Well, I finished the work and thought I share the result now (You can click on the photo to open up the media gallery view)…

I wanted to give my living room a warm ambience and I also wanted to have an asia look in this room as I really like that kind of culture and style. The husband of my mother helped me to paint the walls in soft yellow and the ceiling in white. When we finished the work, my mother helped me to place all the decor I own and bought. Great to have a helpful family.

I am not such a good interior designer, however since I work with graphic tools I really good in colour understanding. I do at least think this. My main mission was to have the walls in yellow and I thought red curtains would give it already a warm and asian look. My couch was blue so that I had to buy new blankets to hide the blue. I have chosen blankets checked in red-orange.

There was a blue carpet in front of my computer table and I needed red tones there too now. My mother still had two small red carpets and gifted them to me. Also a lamp in red tones for my computer table. All my furnishing is now in walnut wood colour since I bought a new table and a wall unit because my fish tank cabinet base was already in walnut and because I like walnut wood. Now only the computer table is the only thing left in another wood colour but let´s see. If I find a good one in walnut, then I will buy it but first I need to save up some new money. But my wall unit is cool due to the milk glass which looks little bit asian.

I also needed new lamps and I found some with red-orange toned glass caps and thought they fit exactly to my plans and bought the lamp and installed it to the ceiling. I still had pictures for the wall with flowers and the pictures were in red, white and orange tone and I hung them up on the wall. I also found these chinese lanterns in any shop and hung them up near the ends of the curtain poles and in the middle. I have two fish tanks with fishes only from the asian habitat, which indeed fit now better to the room too. Funny how small things can be complementary.

Fortunately I still had decor I never used. Stuff like a dragon, two buddha figures, different LED candles and a very old coffeepot from the family. The coffeepot is a german one but looks anyhow a little bit chinese which is cool. My mother then said that an orchid would fit pretty great and gave me a plastic orchid and a vase filled with pink sand. I dislike the pink sand but my mother said I can buy other sand if I do think that pink is too female. I will do.

I still have another asian picture frame but I don´t find a place for it and must think about it. I am not sure if I did forget to mention or show anything. Ok I forgot to show the living-room table but there is still chaos on the table. The photo gallery above is just showing the result of my renovation. I shot the photos with my smart phone which has problems to make photos when it´s darker. This is why some of the photos are sadly full of noise.

There are still future plans. I want to paint the wood around the windows of my living room in white because it looks still ugly there. I also do want to paint my door frame and the heater. This wont take too much time and I will do this soon.

By the way… it didn´t take a long time until my cat found the cozy new blanket on the couch and the great small carpets on the floor. Looks like she likes it.
Some people from my seem to like the new living room as well. I do like it too. What do you think? Do you like the colours I used. Do you have any suggestions for me? Feel free to comment. 🙂


7 thoughts on “New Look of my Living Room and Tons of Photos

  1. Nice work Dennis. As I’ve just finished doing exactly the same thing I know how much work it is but at least with decorating you see the result and it is satisfying. I do like your reds and Asian touches. Although I am definitely not a minimalist I do like the same things. I have had to pack a lot of things away to make the rooms look bigger when I come to sell the house but I like having my cabinet of Asian knick knacks, brass ornaments from India and Egypt and vintage pictures on the walls. Polly was very interested too especially after I had new carpet put down she had to check all the new areas out.

        1. I should have taken more images in the new living room, but the other half still looks like a construction site. I didn’t put the couch and desk back to the other wall because I am trying to convince myself to get both new, as same as the scratching post of my cat. It would really make it look great, fitting together… I have some ideas, but I am not sure if I want to spend more money this month. I’d prefer to wait until January or February because I don’t like the idea to take more out of my savings. Or I do these things step by step, each month one new piece. But of course, it would be awesome if I would do it now with my savings, then it would be beautiful and complete.

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