Empty Living Room

It´s time for a refurbishment of my living room. I bought several new pieces of furniture. A new table and a new wall unit. Everything in walnut because I like this kind of wood colour. The thing is that both my fish tank cabinets were in walnut too, so that the rest will fit now as well. Then I bought red curtains and a black and pretty modern curtain pole. And some reddish blankets to cover my couch, because the couch is in blue and it would´t fit later in my opinion but my new blankets will hide the blue.

Today I did bring out my old and bulky wall unit. It´s fun to see how the furnishment trend did change. I am not that person who is buying new furnishment very often. So, if I say bulky I really mean bulky. It was hard to get that wall unit out of my apartment. The minimalist furnishment trend is better in my opinion and I am happy that my new wall unit is not so bulky but rather minimalist and modern.

As the blog post title states… the thing is that my living room is somewhat empty now. Ok not complete empty but pretty empty. Let me say so… I sit here in this empty room with my computer and two fish tanks and a table. But there is a reason. I did bring most of the old and new stuff to the bedroom. Believe me, it looks like a mess there but the thing is that I want my living room to be empty for some days. My living room had no renovation in the last 3 years and sadly I am smoker which means I want to paint my walls.

I can save some money for the paint due to the fact that the husband of my mother did offer me remaining paint pots. I get them for free. He still has some pots of yellow soft latex paint and some white pots. This is awesome because I did plan to paint my walls in decent yellow and my ceiling in white. I am not sure about the result when I think about my walnut furnishment. I am not sure if it will fit together but as said, the yellow is just decent and I would say almost white. But I need to wait some days because he is busy the next days and he can´t bring me the colour. That´s ok but the reason why my room will be empty for some days. It makes no sense to bring the new stuff from the bed room over to my living room, when I anyway paint next days.

I am not a good interior decorator. Really. But I hope the results will be fine. I still have some asia style decor here and I do plan to buy some more decor later on. I would like to give my room a little asian look. I hope yellow walls and red curtains and the red blankets will work. I do think it is a matter of definition. Red reminds me to asia anyhow and I hope my asian definition will work.

Next plans are to buy a small red carpet which I would like to lay either under the table or in front of the computer so that I don´t scratch my wood floor with my computer chair, or maybe two carpets. I would also like to replace my computer table as the table is still in a different colour and won´t fit to my idea. But I need to save up some more money. It´s crazy how much money is gone by just buying things I mentioned above. Can´t supress a small political opinion here. The euro currency sucks pretty much. Things got so horrible expansive here in germany. It´s horrible and I wish we would go back to our own currency here in germany. Sorry for this small trip to a political topic but this is something many people have in mind.

Back to the main topic. I really hope that I find some nice asian style decor. I have seen already great and not too expansive stuff like shade lamps and so on. I just hope that things like that will create the asian look. But I do think decor can give this kind of impression. Then I also might be interested in an additional book shelf and a sideboard in walnut colour but this can wait as I need to wait for new money next month anyway now.

I am not sure if I did forget to mention anything. I am somewhat excited and would like to start painting soon so that I can carry over all the things to my living room, to see how it looks like. At the moment it looks like I want to change my residence. It´s a real mess in my apartment right now. While my living room is pretty empty, my bedroom is therefore full of stuff. But my cat Shyna seems to like this kind of mess. She is already scanning the hills of furnishment for hideouts. 🙂

Let´s see how thing go next days. If I like the result, I maybe will upload an image of my living room. But just if it looks like I expected and if things really happen already coming week. 😀

As my TV is on the ground and the only thing I can do is using the computer, you maybe can expect that I annoy you with other blog posts 😀

5 thoughts on “Empty Living Room

    1. So true 😀 Kitties seems to be very nosy. I get the paint today and can start to paint later. It will be a little bit difficult due to the fact that I have to empty the fish tanks so that I can move them to paint this wall too. The fishes will be in buckets for some hours and not in the room with my cat, otherwise my cat would find a good meal. I will carry the cat toilet and her food and water over to another room and must lock the doors for some hours. She won´t like it but it is better and there is no other way 😀 Also don´t want to see my cat licking on any paint drops and so. She is just too nosy.

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