Midsummer? I feel sick!

This will be rather a short status update and I do think there won´t be much blog posts next days maybe weeks. It´s midsummer here and it is horrible hot in north germany while I would not like to be in south germany now. The last days were horrible hot and even the sea is warm like water in the bathtub. It´s midnight and still hot like in africa. Well, the news said the air is actually coming from africa. There is no breeze and the air moisture and temperature makes me sick.

It´s like somebody is crushing my head from both sides and the headache is unbearable. Did I mention that I hate this time of the year? It´s like each summer is getting hotter and hotter. At least when I talk about the felt air temperature. Now I found out that I don´t even have any aspirin at home. I drink already a lot of water with a fresh lemon slice but I do think I will take a midnight shower next minutes… cool new phrase or? But that is really what I need now… a very cold shower.

I am not dead if you don´t or if you hear less of me next days. It´s just like my body needs aestivation. Even this short blog post did let me sweat. There is no energy. I dislike too hot days. I really love all seasons, even summer but midsummer is too much for me under these air conditions. But let me go take a midnight shower…

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