Hot Weather… Fresh Drinks… less Sugar!

I know, I know… I bitched about the hot summer a lot. But some fresh drinks are great to cool down. I now want to write about something, I changed in my alimentary habits. I am not a big fan of sugar-containing drinks anymore. I do think those industry drinks full of sugar are everything else but not healthy. On the other side I don´t really want to make rocket science when I get thirsty.

There is a good compromise. I still buy industry drinks but I mix the stuff or let me say I dilute the sugar I consume with drinks. My latest favorite mix is simple but great. It´s even greater when it´s summer as it is a nice refreshment. I put one or two slices of lemon in a glass and then I do add round about 70% cold and light mineral water and add 30% cold green soda.

I do always use mineral water or still water and add just a little bit taste to the drink with any soda or so. It does not only reduce the sugar I consume on a day, it also looks great and smacks. When I started to water down my drinks, I had to become attuned to it. But if I drink 100% industry soda today, I get a shock because of that many sugar in the drink and it tastes like concentrate if I don´t use water. Really. Today I mix everything with water down.

It is not only more refreshing, it is even so that you´ll lose some pounds fast. I never had huge weight problems I wanted to reduce just a few extra pounds. In the commercials they tell people stuff like industry made ice tea and so is healthy. But the fact is that it has so much sugar that it fills the daily requirement for your body without problems when you just drink one or two liters of it a day. And as we do still eat, everything above will add some pounds to our body easily.

The thing is, it simply doesn´t taste bad if you mix your drinks with water. I noticed it is the opposite. It smacks better and later you will hate drinks which aren´t mixed down with water. I never thought that I would write any blog post about weight problems as there were just some little kilo´s too much.. I am shocked I did now. However, loosing 7 kilo´s in a short period just because of the things I mentioned here, is awesome and a suggestion worth. And again… it´s no rocket science, it´s more healthy and tasty.

I said this to some friends who are male (with office job) and round about 30 years old like me. I told it those who would like to lose just a few extra pounds and they tried it as well and were amazed. I do not understand why they put so much sugar in the drinks today. It´s in my opinion poison because it is too much (that´s what Doctor said to me as well and it made me thinking).

I wanted to change that and I buy still the same drinks today but the only difference is that I mix everything with mineral water or still water. That´s why it is no rocket science. You can do the same even with ice tea, Coca Cola or what ever and you can decide what kind of drink you still like with water. Vitamines and sugar from fruits you add to the drink, like those of the lemon slices are way better than the things you expect to be in industry drinks, in my opinion.

I am no expert, it´s what I am believing in and what I experienced. I do not think that the food industry wants us to live healthy. I do think they add so much sugar as it will make you even more thirsty and that means you will drink and buy more. That´s what I think.

So far… I do hope you enjoyed the fresh looking photos of the cheap but healthy summer drink. The photos were the main reason for the blog post but as always, I got inspired by the photos to write more. Always funny what photos can do!

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