Cool, I Have Won Mineral Water

I had a bit of luck this week. I am following one German site that regularly collects and posts promotional contests that are running across the internet, and I like this site because the guys behind it weed out all the shady contests. In other words, they do a really good job to only post about contests of serious and very well-known companies. Once in a while, like every one or two weeks on a boring day, I go through all of the recent contests and participate in some of them that I like. I prefer the contests where I … Continue reading Cool, I Have Won Mineral Water

Frozen Time

The recent WordPress Photo Challenge is about time. It’s some time ago when I told my mother how to fill up a glass with Coca Cola, not only because I was thirsty, but also because I wanted to try to freeze the time with my camera, or in other words, I wanted to find out how fast my D7100 camera is. At that time I was a complete newbie to DSLR photography, and I took the photo in the program mode but the result is just fine. At that time I didn’t discover the shutter priority mode, or the manual … Continue reading Frozen Time

Spontaneous Birthday Party Of A Friend…

A friend had birthday last saturday and he didn´t plan anything but when I called him on his birthday and after talking some minutes, he said that we could still plan a spontaneous party. I said why not and he invited a few other friends who called him later. We went to the store and bought a bottle whisky and a lot of beer. I told him “Mate, I am not 20 anymore and as I understand there are also not 20 people invited to your party to empty all the drinks!” but he said nevermind and who knows what … Continue reading Spontaneous Birthday Party Of A Friend…

Hot Weather… Fresh Drinks… less Sugar!

I know, I know… I bitched about the hot summer a lot. But some fresh drinks are great to cool down. I now want to write about something, I changed in my alimentary habits. I am not a big fan of sugar-containing drinks anymore. I do think those industry drinks full of sugar are everything else but not healthy. On the other side I don´t really want to make rocket science when I get thirsty. There is a good compromise. I still buy industry drinks but I mix the stuff or let me say I dilute the sugar I consume … Continue reading Hot Weather… Fresh Drinks… less Sugar!