Mineral Water Supply

As I mentioned in my other post, I have won in a giveaway. It’s something small, but still a good prize. I won 4 six packs of mineral water with 0.75 liter bottles, and I said it’s still a good win because I dislike to carry water when I go shopping. I just got the winner notification via email and didn’t expect that the delivery already arrived. I was away yesterday and the parcel service did give it to my neighbor, so that I did get the package today in the morning. Thanks to the company Gerolsteiner, here is my prize…

4 sic packs of Gerolsteiner mineral water

7 thoughts on “Mineral Water Supply

    1. Yeah it is, because I like surprises 🙂 I think that is another reason why I like to enter giveaways if legit and well known companies. The mineral water prize is actually a good one, because I don’t have to carry water for now and it saves me money on water for the next time. Indeed not big, but very practical 🙂

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