Cool, I Have Won Mineral Water

I had a bit of luck this week. I am following one German site that regularly collects and posts promotional contests that are running across the internet, and I like this site because the guys behind it weed out all the shady contests. In other words, they do a really good job to only post about contests of serious and very well-known companies. Once in a while, like every one or two weeks on a boring day, I go through all of the recent contests and participate in some of them that I like. I prefer the contests where I just have to share my address not a phone number, and I weed out too and only trust big companies or those that I know. Apart from this, I created a special Email address for this type of activity, because I don’t want that my main addresses get filled with newsletters. I did for example win an expensive gaming headset last year on this way, and I sold it for $200 or so on Ebay as I did already have a really nice headset.

It’s like 1 hour of work every second week, and I can try my luck and hope for a surprise. It’s worth it, because it’s fun and see there, I was lucky again. Today I checked all my Email addresses, also the special contest address and found out that I had again luck in a giveaway. It seems I joined a contest of a very well-known company in Germany that produces the popular mineral water that you can find in every single store here. It seems there was a chance that I could have won a year supply of mineral water, but instead I won mineral water supply for a whole week. Over the next day I will get 4 six packs of 0.75 liter water bottles, not too bad either. Not too bad because I hate to carry it when I go shopping, and getting it delivered to my doorsteps for free is kinda nice. Also it will last longer than a week, more like nine days because I usually drink about 2 liters per day. So, yeah, it’s something small, but I am happy that I won mineral water supply for nine days.

3 thoughts on “Cool, I Have Won Mineral Water

    1. My neighbor got the delivery already yesterday because I was not at home… I got it today. Really, cool… I don’t have to carry water for a while, yeah 🙂

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