Congratulations Dear Cat

Today I played guitar as I often do but even with the headphones on I noticed that someone was persistently knocking on the door. I hoped that I wouldn’t have a new neighbor that might have heard my bare e-guitar, but that was never a problem since I use headphones and e-guitars are not that loud unless you plug them into an amp. I opened the door and a neighbor put a small package into my hands and said “I accepted your delivery, here you have it”. I was a bit surprised because I didn’t order anything online nor did … Continue reading Congratulations Dear Cat

Cool, I Have Won Mineral Water

I had a bit of luck this week. I am following one German site that regularly collects and posts promotional contests that are running across the internet, and I like this site because the guys behind it weed out all the shady contests. In other words, they do a really good job to only post about contests of serious and very well-known companies. Once in a while, like every one or two weeks on a boring day, I go through all of the recent contests and participate in some of them that I like. I prefer the contests where I … Continue reading Cool, I Have Won Mineral Water