Congratulations Dear Cat

Today I played guitar as I often do but even with the headphones on I noticed that someone was persistently knocking on the door. I hoped that I wouldn’t have a new neighbor that might have heard my bare e-guitar, but that was never a problem since I use headphones and e-guitars are not that loud unless you plug them into an amp. I opened the door and a neighbor put a small package into my hands and said “I accepted your delivery, here you have it”. I was a bit surprised because I didn’t order anything online nor did I await a package. My neighbor said my name would be on it and it was delivered in the morning when I was away.

I said thanks and closed the door to take a look. When I opened the package, I saw a black letter in German that started with “Congratulation! Dear cat friend, thank you for participating in our contest, you’re one of the happy winners…” and I saw it had the Sheba (cat food brand) logo on it. It became clear, I must have participated in a Sheba contest. I do regularly participate in contests, like once a week when I am bored. I follow a German website that posts serious contests, and I like that site because the admin is doing a great job to only post legit contest organizer, mostly very well-known brands. I’ve won mineral water supply on that way previously, thanks to this website that keeps me informed about contests of major companies.

So, even if I must have filled out the form of the Sheba contest, I’d say the real winner here is my cat Shyna. She doesn’t know about her luck yet, it’s a bit too late as she had her meals already, but tomorrow is surprise day for my cat. The box contained different Sheba product samples. One is called “Fresh and fine in sauce” and it seems that it contains two poultry, two turkey and two salmon meals. The other two samples contain together eight portions of soup as it seems. This is funny and it seems to be something new. I never gave my cat soup nor can I remember that I saw soup for cats anywhere. It seems that one sample is filled with tuna soup portions, and the other one contains portions of chicken breast fillet soup. There is also something for me in the box, a VR-carboard thingy. I am not sure what to expect, maybe they want to show me a 3d movie, I am curious.

The content prize is little but that doesn’t matter, I am glad that I can make my cat happy with it! As I did in the past when I won something, I want to thank the contest organizer with a backlink, in this case, thank you Sheba Germany!

4 thoughts on “Congratulations Dear Cat

  1. I hope that Shyna enjoys her surprise present. These “cat soups” seem to be a relatively new thing. My supermarket occasionally sends me free samples with my delivery and they sent a couple of tubes of it. I’m not sure whether it is meant to be a full meal or a snack. As mine was sample sized I put it down for Polly as an extra snack. She liked it but I’m lucky that Polly is one of those rare cats that seems to like everything. Any type of cat food, my food, Cindy’s food… As she is an indoor cat I have to keep her on rations so she doesn’t get too fat.

    1. That’s great that your store is doing this. I am usually not a great fan of excessive marketing, but in the case of free product samples or contests like in my case, it’s a win-win situation. They can show you a new products and you or in this case our cats can try it out 🙂 My favorite local store is doing this too at times, once I got a gratin dish for free and I asked the cashier “Do we already have Christmas?” 😀 I still use it to make potato gratin or lasagna.

      Shyna is very picky. I know her so well that I think the cat food in sauce will work. She loves everything with sauce. And at times I buy Sheba for her too, not always, but when I do, she loves it. With the cat soup I am not sure, I could imagine that she will reject it but I will see. I am also not sure if it’s a full meal or snack, as you I will give as extra snack, then she can decide to try it out 🙂

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