Baltic Sea Swans

Here is a snapshot that I shot sometime ago when I hiked somewhere between Timmendorfer Strand and Travem√ľnde. I saw two swans playing in the Baltic Sea water. It’s both amazing, when they land or when they take off. I always though they are pretty playful, in Reinfeld for example I was standing on a bridge and some swans flew over my head as if they wanted to show their flying skills. This together with the white plumage makes them look majestic. There are more photos of swans on my blog if you like to see some other images. Continue reading Baltic Sea Swans

Reinfeld Nature in Black and White

I still have tons of photos of my time in Reinfeld. On the photo you see the large pond they have. It’s not a river, it’s really a pond. Once in a year they literally pull the plug and dry the pond out. No joke, they have small canals and water mills to do it. On that way they catch all the big fishes. That’s quite effective, huh? I’ve seen that with the smaller ponds surrounding it, but I’ve heard they do it with the large one too. I think it often happens in October. Continue reading Reinfeld Nature in Black and White

Swimming Sport

I still go running but there are days when I have aching muscles. But I dislike the idea to do nothing at days when my legs can’t run. So, I had the glorious idea to look for an alternative sport so that I can fill these days. One thing that came to my mind was swimming, and I don’t mean splashing around, I really mean swimming laps. I could still do the splashing after the laps, like jumping from the spring-board and so. Well, today was that day. Since some time, my new motto is “Stop thinking, start doing it”, … Continue reading Swimming Sport