Finally, Ice Cream Season?

You might be confused when I say that, but it seems that the autumn came to an end today in Northern Germany. I say autumn because we had dark clouds, rain and cold weather for several weeks now and it looked like autumn but definitely not like spring. Today was different, a really nice spring day and I decided to meet my mother and we went through the city and decided to visit an ice cream store that opened now too. I decided for two scoops, stracciatella and vanilla with chocolate crumbles. My mother decided for coconut and chocolate. This was a good day, I hope autumn weather won’t come back the next days, because I actually would like it to go on a longer hike again to take some new photos.

4 thoughts on “Finally, Ice Cream Season?

    1. Yesterday was rain all day long again… today is ok but not perfect. It’s liike being in jail, sitting at home all day mostly waiting for good weather lol. That’s where the PC gaming hobby is handy, but I’d much prefer to go out.

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