European Robin

Today I was hiking because we had sun and it looked a bit like spring. I didn’t take a lot of photos over the winter, instead I uploaded some that I shot previously. Winter can be great and there are some interesting subjects during this time as well, but this winter I was not in the mood to go outside with the camera very often. But the weather was good today and with spontaneity I grabbed my camera and went outside. I shot some photos of birds, including the photo of the European Robin that you see in this post. … Continue reading European Robin

Forest Path

I like to take photos of the paths I am hiking. Above you can see a photo that I shot during a hike through one of the small forests in Reinfeld. It was a beautiful May day. The place was interesting during winter but during springtime it was amazing. It was interesting to see the transition. I discovered all the interesting paths during winter but to see the transition to green was an awesome experience. During winter it was sometimes creepy to be alone in the forest, because it looked desolate and you heard the noises of the boars and … Continue reading Forest Path

Finally, Ice Cream Season?

You might be confused when I say that, but it seems that the autumn came to an end today in Northern Germany. I say autumn because we had dark clouds, rain and cold weather for several weeks now and it looked like autumn but definitely not like spring. Today was different, a really nice spring day and I decided to meet my mother and we went through the city and decided to visit an ice cream store that opened now too. I decided for two scoops, stracciatella and vanilla with chocolate crumbles. My mother decided for coconut and chocolate. This … Continue reading Finally, Ice Cream Season?

Catkin Blossom

Here is a photo that I shot a month ago or so. I like these small furry buds because they look beautiful. I often see this in springtime, and to be honest, I never knew what kind of plant it would be. But that’s where photography and blogging are very educating, because you want to know what kind of subject you share and you start to research. So, I found out this should be the blossom of a catkin plant, let me know if I am wrong. I hope you like the photo. Continue reading Catkin Blossom

Signs of Spring

As I was hiking two days ago as mentioned on my blog, I also looked for interesting photo subjects on my way. The first signs of spring were visible, I did for example see the first Snowdrops (Galanthus) growing and I had to take photos. The photo in this post was actually shot with my Tamron 70-300 mm lens. I had the tele lens with me because I wanted to photograph deer,  but I can also use this lens to take photos of things like flowers. The lens is actually not too bad for flower photography, because the long focal … Continue reading Signs of Spring