Forest Path

Reinfeld Forest Path

I like to take photos of the paths I am hiking. Above you can see a photo that I shot during a hike through one of the small forests in Reinfeld. It was a beautiful May day. The place was interesting during winter but during springtime it was amazing. It was interesting to see the transition. I discovered all the interesting paths during winter but to see the transition to green was an awesome experience. During winter it was sometimes creepy to be alone in the forest, because it looked desolate and you heard the noises of the boars and so. During spring I heard animals too but the green colors made the nature appear more peaceful. I hope you like the photo. I can bring back memories when I take a look at my photos, even if it’s just a photo of a path through the forest.

5 thoughts on “Forest Path

    1. Yeah, you should stay on distance to be safe. In the forest I am usually very attentive… I am not afraid if I hear or see them, but common sense is needed. If they are on the foodpath, it’s wise not to move into the same direction 😉 I always managed it to avoid them, they never runned out of the bush and attacked me 😀 You often hear them, or you see how they damaged the ground, but you barely get them in front of your eyes unless you are unlucky. I am more concerned that wolfpacks are back in Germany , it’s a fast increasing population… some people think they won’t be dangerous but this was already proven wrong because a half year ago or so a pack of wolves killed and teared a person in pieces in Italy. I am pretty sure it’s just a matter of time until it happens in Germany too. They already had to shoot some problematic wolves.

      Also people say they are usually shy… but the usual should be emphasised because on YouTube you find tons of German videos where wolves are not even afraid of the noise of a tractor engine. Also me, my mother and her husband saw a wolf on a field 3 years ago… it was everything else but not shy, it was far away but ran right into our direction and we jumped back into the car. I myself don’t believe that they are shy, they are very curious animals, and smart. So I am more uneasy because I hope that I never will cross my path with a pack of wolves.

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