Frozen Time

The recent WordPress Photo Challenge is about time. It’s some time ago when I told my mother how to fill up a glass with Coca Cola, not only because I was thirsty, but also because I wanted to try to freeze the time with my camera, or in other words, I wanted to find out how fast my D7100 camera is. At that time I was a complete newbie to DSLR photography, and I took the photo in the program mode but the result is just fine. At that time I didn’t discover the shutter priority mode, or the manual … Continue reading Frozen Time

Thirsty Billy

We went to the garden last week and I shot quite a lot of images, but I mentioned this already. Above you can see one photo of this day, it’s Billy the dog of my mother. I still have plenty of photos, but I sorted already tons of them out as not all were good but some are really cool. I especially like it that I can now freeze the moments to the point that you can even see the tongue of animals when they eat or drink, because this was more about luck with my previous gear. Continue reading Thirsty Billy

Hot Weather… Fresh Drinks… less Sugar!

I know, I know… I bitched about the hot summer a lot. But some fresh drinks are great to cool down. I now want to write about something, I changed in my alimentary habits. I am not a big fan of sugar-containing drinks anymore. I do think those industry drinks full of sugar are everything else but not healthy. On the other side I donĀ“t really want to make rocket science when I get thirsty. There is a good compromise. I still buy industry drinks but I mix the stuff or let me say I dilute the sugar I consume … Continue reading Hot Weather… Fresh Drinks… less Sugar!