Just a Beautiful Cat

Just a beautiful cat...

Me and my cat Shyna had some fun with a new photo shoot. I took several new photos of her. It´s a boring day and I thought why don´t we take some photos for the next blog posts. I still feel a little bit mad due to the fact that we still have something like a Sahara summer here in germany. I feel like I would suffer a summer depression. You can´t go out when it´s daytime since it is too hot and that does not even change when it´s night.

But in the evening we drove a few times to the beach in Scharbeutz to bathe in the evening and the fun thing is that the water is still very warm in the evening. Also there is wind on the baltic sea which is great. Other than that, I really dislike this kind of summer. It´s an abnormal weather for north german circumstances. As said in the other blog post, it makes me so mad that you might not see much blog posts, at least not long blog posts over the next days or maybe weeks. Maybe I upload a few photos but I guess that´s all.

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