Just a Beautiful Cat

Me and my cat Shyna had some fun with a new photo shoot. I took several new photos of her. It´s a boring day and I thought why don´t we take some photos for the next blog posts. I still feel a little bit mad due to the fact that we still have something like a Sahara summer here in germany. I feel like I would suffer a summer depression. You can´t go out when it´s daytime since it is too hot and that does not even change when it´s night. But in the evening we drove a few times … Continue reading Just a Beautiful Cat

Weekly Photo Challenge: Near and Far

The Photo is made for the Weekly Photo Challange called Near and Far. On the Photo above is a Beach Dune. I did shoot this Photo with a slightly deeper Perspective. I did crouch a little bit. Far away you notice the Clouds. But there is more behind the Dune… You also could sail far away on the Baltic Sea… Photos taken on the Baltic Sea in Scharbeutz Germany. A great Place for relaxing and refueling the own Energy. A Place where you can enjoy the fresh Sea Air and Nature. Continue reading Weekly Photo Challenge: Near and Far

A spontaneous Trip to bathe in the Baltic Sea

Do you like it spontaneous? I sometimes do. Today I felt pretty bored but then I got a Phone Call. My Mom called me and asked if I would like to travel spontaneous to the Beach in Scharbeutz on the Baltic Sea. I said “Yea cool! I felt completely bored but this is now a great spontaneous Idea!”. She told me that I should not forget bathing things. But I think she did know, I never would forget. So I went over to my Mom. My Mom, her Husband and his Son and me went into the Car. It was … Continue reading A spontaneous Trip to bathe in the Baltic Sea

Winter in North Germany on the Baltic Sea

I know much People who hate Winter.. and all those Cold days. But you know what? I love it. I am not exactly sure why I like it. I would not stay outside for to long. But some hours are really ok and can be very refreshing. It gives me new energy and some People I know, would probably disagree with me now. But again.. we all are differend and some like this and some like that. So I decided to went out with my Family today. We choosed to drive to the Baltic Sea which is just 30 mins … Continue reading Winter in North Germany on the Baltic Sea