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A spontaneous Trip to bathe in the Baltic Sea

Do you like it spontaneous? I sometimes do. Today I felt pretty bored but then I got a Phone Call. My Mom called me and asked if I would like to travel spontaneous to the Beach in Scharbeutz on the Baltic Sea. I said “Yea cool! I felt completely bored but this is now a great spontaneous Idea!”. She told me that I should not forget bathing things. But I think she did know, I never would forget.

So I went over to my Mom. My Mom, her Husband and his Son and me went into the Car. It was a pretty hot Day, so hot that I thought I could die. I really hate it if it gets to hot in late Summer. But once started the Car, the fresh Air which came thought the opened Windows while driving did help us much. And anyway we all were happy and just thought about the fresh Sea Air if we arrive. We first did drive to a Store to buy some Rations for the Trip. Then we took the Autobahn…


Scharbeutz is not that far away from our Hometown Lübeck but we still have to take the Autobahn. Scharbeutz is just 15 Miles away from Lübeck via the German Autobahn. With the Country Roads it would take some more Time but with the Autobahn you dont need much more then 25 Minutes depending on the Traffic. And 20 or 25 Minutes just can fly away because you can enjoy the North German Scenery of Nature on the Journey…


Arrived in Scharbeutz the Weather started to change a little bit. It was still warm but the Heaven was not so blue anymore like when we started in Lübeck. But this did not stop us. You can see the Baltic Sea behind that Dune…


We did not need much time to find a good Place on the Beach to create our Base. We all just had one thing in mind because the muggy Weather. Swimming and freshen! I tested the Water with my Feets and though “Oh damn is the Water cold!”…


But I also did know once I go in there and swimm, my Body will warm up because of the movements. And well I was more sick of the muggy Weather then afraid of the refreshment in the Sea. We just jumped in and started to swimm and play while my Mother took some Photos of her Husband, his Son and me…


I think we four had over an Hour fun in the Water and it was pretty refreshing. The Sea can give you a lot of Energy… you feel it. The Water and the salty Air feels so good and having fun with the Family anyway. But the Heaven became more and more dark so that we decided to go back to the Beach to dry…


We did dry, talked together and enjoyed the Nature for one more Hour on the Beach and finally just wrote something in the Sand near the Water…


Then we thought it would be better to go back to the Car because we anyhow expected a Storm and Rain…

In the Car and just a few Minutes later it begun to Rain. I would say we timed everything perfect…


It was anyway a great Day because we had over 2 Hours fun together. I took many more Photos I maybe show you some of them as always in the Future 🙂 Promised!


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