Finally It’s Cold

It took a while, but now it’s cold. We have sub-zero temperatures since three days. The winter comes late, but at least we have a little bit winter now. I was hiking a couple of times, I walked through forests, over fields and alongside the river, but yesterday I really had to abort my tour after two hours walking, because it was teeth-chattering cold. I like the fresh and clean air when it’s cold, but there is a change of thinking if you walk two hours outside at minus 10 degrees. Hot chocolate is the best drink after a winter … Continue reading Finally It’s Cold

Excursion to the Domsee in Ratzeburg

We had a ride yesterday and visited some places in our federal state Schleswig-Holstein. On our tour we also drove to the village called Ratzeburg. This is a small town but surrounded by much nature including several lakes. On the photo above you can see a smaller lake that is called Domsee. You see a small cathedral in the background that is probably the reason why the lake is called “Domsee”, because “Dom” is German and means something like “Church” or “Cathedral” and the ending “see” means “sea” or “lake”. There was a small bistro where we bought some scoops … Continue reading Excursion to the Domsee in Ratzeburg

Weekly Photo Challenge: Sea

The image above is my entry to the Weekly Photo Challenge: Sea. The photo is made in Travemünde near Lübeck and you can see the Baltic Sea. You also can find my half brother in the water. The photo was made on a cloudy day. You can see with the mood of the photo that the north german summer will end soon. Even if I described it often on my blog. Here again… Sea does mean fresh air and water to me. If you are born near the sea, you will never want to move away from the sea. Sea … Continue reading Weekly Photo Challenge: Sea

Preparing the Rubber Raft

As said in Mom´s Birthday Blog Post, we planed a trip in the nature on the weekend. Yesterday on saturday we drove to Salem to visit Grandma and Grandpa on their campground so that we can again celebrate Mom´s Birthday with coffee and cake and barbecue later on. Mom´s husband and me also wanted to make a Rubber Raft Tour in the sea. It was a really great day for us all and we had a lot of fun. Indeed, I took a dozens of photos but it will be hard to put them all in just one blog post, … Continue reading Preparing the Rubber Raft