Excursion to the Domsee in Ratzeburg

Domsee in Ratzeburg

We had a ride yesterday and visited some places in our federal state Schleswig-Holstein. On our tour we also drove to the village called Ratzeburg. This is a small town but surrounded by much nature including several lakes.

On the photo above you can see a smaller lake that is called Domsee. You see a small cathedral in the background that is probably the reason why the lake is called “Domsee”, because “Dom” is German and means something like “Church” or “Cathedral” and the ending “see” means “sea” or “lake”.

There was a small bistro where we bought some scoops of ice. We regretted the decision because the weather was cold and after eating the ice cream, we felt even more cold. But it was tasty anyway. We all had three scoops. I decided for chocolate, vanilla and cinnamon ice. My mother had woodruff flavour, stracciatella and a scoop with Chinese tea flavour. I can’t remind what her husband had because he ran away fascinated because he saw all the boats near the bistro and lake.

Scoops of ice

We had a really nice day yesterday. I have some more photos that I will upload over the days. I also have some historic photos as we drove to the neighboring federal state Mecklenburg-Vorpommern because it is not far away from us. We saw the remains of the German wall or the remains of the so-called Iron Curtain. I will upload these pictures soon.

7 thoughts on “Excursion to the Domsee in Ratzeburg

  1. The pretty places are rarely cheap to live in these days but it’s nice to visit them :). The ice creams look good too. I’m not familiar with the flavours your mother chose. Chnese style “bubble tea” is popular here so maybe someone will use it for an ice cream flavour, The other two I don’t know at all. My sister and I will often buy an ice cream on a sunny day in winter but not on a cool, cloudy one.

    1. Woodruff flavour is really cool… We even have soda with woodruff flavour. Woodruff is pretty common here. Stracciatella came originally from Italy but it is now very popular here in Germany too. You can get tarts with stracciatella flavour and so on. It’s pretty tasty.

      I agree, ice cream is better for warm days but it was very sunny at midday. We cruised around in the car and had the idea with the ice cream but when we left the car to get the ice, it was afternoon and cold 😀

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