Weekly Photo Challenge: Blur

I didn’t participate in the Weekly Photo Challenge anymore for a while. The latest challenge came with the motto blur and I didn’t really have to offer any picture. But yesterday my family and me were bored and we decided to go on a trip and my mother took a photo with her phone through the front window of the car and the result was a dark and blurry photo that might fit to the recent photo challenge…

Blurry Evening Photo

2 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Blur

  1. Nice. Sunsets looks good in soft focus and that’s a great sunset. Actually, most sunsets come out a bit fuzzy because the camera’s autofocus has trouble finding “an edge” to gauge distance.

    1. A half hour earlier my mother took some photos of the sunset and when I saw them at home, I was quite impressed how well her Samsung Galaxy can take pictures. She shot frontal into the sunlight and my digital camera would be totally confused, but the Galaxy photos do really look good and clear. Although you see the sunbeams, but it looks artistic. I will upload them too over the days.

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