Sunset in Ratzeburg

Here is another photo related to our trip to Ratzeburg yesterday. The lake is called Domsee. I really like sunsets. I think this here is a pretty cool afternoon shot. It’s an astonishing image considering that my mother shot the photo with her Samsung Galaxy. Especially because she shot frontal into the sun. My Sony Xperia camera has problems in these situation even if I lower the ISO value to 100. I knew this, which is why I asked my mother to take the photo. Continue reading Sunset in Ratzeburg

Excursion to the Domsee in Ratzeburg

We had a ride yesterday and visited some places in our federal state Schleswig-Holstein. On our tour we also drove to the village called Ratzeburg. This is a small town but surrounded by much nature including several lakes. On the photo above you can see a smaller lake that is called Domsee. You see a small cathedral in the background that is probably the reason why the lake is called “Domsee”, because “Dom” is German and means something like “Church” or “Cathedral” and the ending “see” means “sea” or “lake”. There was a small bistro where we bought some scoops … Continue reading Excursion to the Domsee in Ratzeburg

A Photo of the Sea in Salem

Near Ratzeburg in Germany there is a Village called Salem. But all around the Village is a lot of Nature and a Camping Site direcly surrounded by a lot of Fields, Forests and Seas. The Photo above is the Sea called “Salemer See”. It´s beautiful Nature there. I will upload some more Photos of that Place time by time. I still have some on my Computer but I will make some more when I am again in Salem. One thing is sure.. you find a lot of beautiful German Nature Scenery there for taking Photos and have some beautiful Moments … Continue reading A Photo of the Sea in Salem