Sunset in Ratzeburg

Here is another photo related to our trip to Ratzeburg yesterday. The lake is called Domsee. I really like sunsets. I think this here is a pretty cool afternoon shot.

It’s an astonishing image considering that my mother shot the photo with her Samsung Galaxy. Especially because she shot frontal into the sun. My Sony Xperia camera has problems in these situation even if I lower the ISO value to 100. I knew this, which is why I asked my mother to take the photo.

Sunset in Ratzeburg

5 thoughts on “Sunset in Ratzeburg

    1. Yep, it does also explain why smaller digital cameras don’t go over the table anymore. I saw some statistics at another tech blog a while ago. Phones will probably not replace semi-professional cameras but they do already replace cheaper standard digital cameras.

      1. It’s convenient, I think I would do the same. You have the phone always in the pockets. You can shoot photos at anytime. Even if I would own a DSLR camera, I wouldn’t take this expansive thing into the suitcase, because you never know.

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