Baltic Sea Rocky Beach

Baltic Sea Rocky Beach

The photo above was shot somewhere at the coast of Timmendorfer Strand or Niendorf at the Baltic Sea. The photo was almost completely white due to overexposure but I shoot in RAW and that often allows me to fix the most horrible issues, and most of them would be unrecoverable if I would shoot with JPEG. But that doesn’t mean that I write down JPEG, I still shoot with this file format as well, especially when I try to take pictures of birds in flight, because then the buffer of my camera will not fill as fast during burst shots. Apart from that I really love to shoot in RAW. The image in this post would have been a throwaway image, but I recovered it and I think the result is fine.

I made some special adjustments as well, because the blue sky looked bad and I aimed for a darker mood and added a graduated filter to change it. I did adjust the contrast and made lighting corrections. I decreased saturation a bit but in return I emphasized the green algae color. Don’t ask me why, I can just tell you that I am the type of person that moves sliders until some things that I dislike disappear, or until I start to like the image. In my opinion, the problem with the image was too that there is a lot going on with all the stones. I tried to find the sweet spot so that all the stones appeared less aggressive, because with some settings it was very hard on the eyes. I believe the image still looks a bit busy, but anyhow I like the textures, especially the green algae. I used Lightroom together with Color Efex Pro plugin of the free Google Nik Collection.

4 thoughts on “Baltic Sea Rocky Beach

    1. It still looked very similar in real, but the algae looked a bit darker due to the cloudy day. I did just increase the brightness of green and thought this would make it pop out a bit more.. 🙂

    1. There was an even more difficult to walk section where stones are much bigger… almost ankle-breaking to walk this section… there is also one part where you have to jump from stone to stone to not get wet feets 🙂 Yes, I walked with shoes because my planned route was about 12km long.

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