Mysterious Cliff Coast

Brodtener Ufer Cliff Coast

Here is a photo where I liked the composition, but I was unhappy with the boring colours. I thought I try to do something special with it and edited it heavily. Apart from the typical Lightroom adjustments, I used Color Efex Pro of the free Nik Collection again, because I like the offered effects that I can add and customize. I used a graduated filter to change the sky color, and I used a graduated neutral density filter to make some more individual adjustments to the top and bottom half of the image. I found a graduated fog filter, and I added it at the top where the trees are and thought this would look pretty cool. For the lower half of the image I now just wanted to push the details a bit more. The original image looked pretty boring, but now I like it because it looks mysterious.


4 thoughts on “Mysterious Cliff Coast

    1. Thank you. It’s really cool how a bit of editing can make a photo look more interesting…. the original was interesting but all the colors looked dull. But now I really like it too 🙂

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