D7500 Midrange DSLR Announced By Nikon

Nikon D7500

Nikon announced the D7500, a midrange DSLR. The camera design reminds you of the D7100 or D7200 but they tweaked it a bit. The LCD has still the same size, but it’s now a touch screen and a tilting screen. But Nikon sadly removed the second SD card slot that the D7100 and D7200 design had. Several people are calling it already the D500 lite because they added several features of it to the D7500. That would be the tilting screen, the 20.9MP APS-C sensor and Expeed 5 processor, the 180k px RGB metering sensor and the fact that it’s capable of recording 4K videos.

The autofocus system is the same as the D7200 has with 51 points, including 15 cross-type but with the better metering sensor. Burst shooting was improved from the D7100 to the D7200 and with the D7500 it’s improved again. Improved from 6 FPS you can now shoot at 8 FPS. Instead of 18, you can now take up to 50 at 14-bit uncompressed RAW setting. The sensor and image processor increased the ISO range by a full stop (again compared with the D7200), with a native range of 100-51200 that expands to 50-1.64 million. Of course, the camera also comes with the wireless feature called SnapBridge. Learn more about the Nikon D7500 specs at the official Nikon page.

Shipping starts this summer in two different kit versions. The kit with the D7500 body only at $1,246.95 or the kit with the D7500 plus 18-140mm VR lens at $1,746.95.


4 thoughts on “D7500 Midrange DSLR Announced By Nikon

  1. Hi Dennis,
    i was a user of the Nikon D7000-series too. The new D7500 now has almost everything that was missing. Especially the tilting screen. But for me it is a big annoyance that Nikon dropped the dual card slot. That was a big advantage over the biggest competitor Canon 60/70/80D and made the camera a semi-professional. What where they thinking?
    But this is not new to me. Almost every time when a new camera is introduced, there is something annoying between all the good specs. So i keep on waiting for the perfect camera. For me personally Panasonic is very close with all the functions they offer in the Lumix-Cameras (dual image stabilisation, tilting touch screen, 4k, real silent mode, high speed rate and so forth). If there wouldn’t be the smaller sensor…;-)
    Best wishes and happy easter

    1. I do absolutely agree with you. The D7500 is what the D7200 should have been, and as you said, the only real question is why they dropped the dual card slot. I was not convinced to upgrade from the D7100 to the D7200….

      I used the D7100 excessively and there are just a few complains about my D7100. At first I was happy with the burst rate, but that was at a time when I still shot JPG… now with RAW, the burst rate is really bad and that forces me to use JPG if I want to do birds in flight. Next thing is, even if many so called pros said that you don’t need a tilt screen on a DSLR and that it would only be interesting for the Instragram crowd, I can’t count anymore how often I wished my D7100 would have a flip screen. I basically can’t do low angle shots with this camera and even if I don’t have a macro lens yet, I bet you would profit from a tilt screen as well while doing macro work.

      I really only have these complains about the D7100…

      1. Burst rate or buffer fills too fast when shooting in RAW
      2. Tilt screen missing, while even a d5200 has a swivel screen
      3. WiFi only via upgrade (although, it’s the smallest problem)

      The D7500 could be interesting for me, but the missing dual card slot is really a bummer. I am like you when it comes to tech gadgets or products and many other things in life… I wait until something 100% perfect comes out, but that doesn’t happen and I wait further (laugh). Since I saved a decent amount of money for a lens, it’s tempting to buy the D7500 in summer, but I will probabler rather wait… I am absolutely not sure yet. The whole announcement surprised me today.

      1. I think it is worth to wait a bit. The price of the D7500 will drop after some month. I don’t know why that is, but at the moment the prices in Germany for electronic gear are much more higher than anywhere else. For example the Sony Alpha 6500 costs in the USA round about 1300 €. In Germany you have to pay 1700 €. And it’s the same with other models or MacBooks and so on. I really love to spend money for technic, but at the moment it is no fun, because it is hard to make a bargain in Germany. 😉

        1. Yeah good point, I’d also rather wait for a good cut. It’s a misery that I got a dust spot in my D7100 viewfinder shortly before the D7500 release. Even if it’s just the viewfinder system, it’ll decrease the price if I want to sell the camera because the spot is visible in the viewfinder. Even if you care for your camera, a tiny grain of dust can betray you 😀 I will visit the store after Eastern to see what can be done about the small spot.

          I could have imagined to sell my camera, then it wouldn’t have hurt that much to buy the next release. But then again,… I am absolutely not sure if it would have been worth it. I think we grow into our gear, knowing the pros and cons, workarounds and so… that’s how I see my D7100… overall, it has done it’s job and is still doing it 😀 The D7500 improvements are nice to have, I am sure, but I do also think an upgrade at a lower price in the future is smarter.

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