Finally It’s Cold

Frozen River

It took a while, but now it’s cold. We have sub-zero temperatures since three days. The winter comes late, but at least we have a little bit winter now. I was hiking a couple of times, I walked through forests, over fields and alongside the river, but yesterday I really had to abort my tour after two hours walking, because it was teeth-chattering cold. I like the fresh and clean air when it’s cold, but there is a change of thinking if you walk two hours outside at minus 10 degrees. Hot chocolate is the best drink after a winter hike, I enjoyed three cups after my hike. Today we had only minus 7 degree and they said in the news that it will be warmer again soon, it seems the winter will not last that long this time, but who knows.

I am still in Reinfeld, I extended my stay for a month to help my uncle. His health is much better now, but there are still a few problems. We currently search a new home for him in Lübeck, that means there are still a couple of things to solve, I stay a little longer so that I can help him to manage some things. Today I purchased a new hard disk drive for my PC and I will use the evening to freshly set up my PC. I really needed a new hard drive, because the DSLR photos take so much space when you store them all in high-resolution. I purchased a 2 terabyte hard drive, and together with my old 500 gigabyte hard drive I should now have enough space for the future and for all the games I play, for all the software I use, and for the files I want to store.

6 thoughts on “Finally It’s Cold

  1. Dear Dennis, the weather really goes strangely in here too. We had snow last week and then it got warmer but now it seems the weather changes again, being cold and expecting snow again… So, don’t make me surprise the strange weather news anymore… from every where we hear this. Winter comes late…

    I am so glad your uncle is better. I hope and wish you to solve all the problems soon and to move easily to your city. This photograph is so beautiful. But you really talk a very cold weather. How is your cat? I think should get to used to live in there now…

    Good Luck for your new hard disk, photographs are really one of the problems in store… Thank you, be careful for the cold days, love, nia

    1. Hi Nia, reinstalling my computer took some time and work, I still have to do a lot of things today… you are right with the weather, the weather behaves strange anyhow. Today we had snow, I didn’t expect this anymore for this year. Thanks for wishing us luck, we wil help my uncle, it’ll be a busy time, but we will manage it. I am glad you liked my photo 🙂

    1. The fresh and clean air makes you feel good, but after two hours walking my thoughts changed, and I thought my ears would fall off (laugh)… I like it cold, but as I didn’t expect this kind of weather anymore, I don’t have the perfect clothes here in Reinfeld,… we have snow today, who would have expected this, it was perfectly fine to use summer sneakers by the end of the year, and now I am sitting here at my uncles home without winter shoes, it seems I have to pick up my winter shoes in Lübeck over the next days 😀

      I am glad you like the photo, I enjoyed the hikes and what I saw. Once everything is installed on my PC, I will upload some other photos I shot.

  2. It looks like ice is forming on the pond (or is it the river?) there. It has been strange out here in Phoenix with hail falling yesterday. Many people here have never seen hail in their entire lives. Strange winter, this one. Glad to here your uncle has improved.

    1. This is a pond, but a fairly big pond,… it takes an hour to go around the pond. There are some interesting smaller ponds connected to it, they do bread fishes like carps there. But the big pond is nature reserve today and humans don’t touch it, there are just some paths for hiker and nature interested people 🙂 Yes, you are right, the ice was forming one day earlier, but the day I shot the photo, the pond was already frozen to 90%.

      Yes, I hear this from many people, the weather is stranger everyone in the world. Thanks you, I am happy too about my uncle’s improvements, but there are still something where we need to help, as the planned moving and so.

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