Below the Autobahn

The Autobahn cuts right through our city and at some points there are bridges that help pedestrians and cyclist to the other side. But in most cases it’s just an underpass and we have several of them. The photo above was shot when I got my first DSLR, and I think I was so amazed that I shot photos of all kind of things, even if it was just an underpass. That means I was probably in a very experimental mood to try out my new gear. But I noticed this picture now in my library and I think it … Continue reading Below the Autobahn

Almost A Diorama Illusion

Here is a photo that I shot somewhere during my hikes. As you can see, I was walking through the nature but there are some signs of technology, like the Autobahn with the truck, the fields or the wind power wheels in the picture. But what I really find interesting about this picture is that it almost looks like a Diorama Illusion or miniature faked image. If you take a look at the truck on the Autobahn, it does somehow look like a toy. I think that illusion comes from the fact that I was focussing at the Autobahn of … Continue reading Almost A Diorama Illusion

A spontaneous Trip to bathe in the Baltic Sea

Do you like it spontaneous? I sometimes do. Today I felt pretty bored but then I got a Phone Call. My Mom called me and asked if I would like to travel spontaneous to the Beach in Scharbeutz on the Baltic Sea. I said “Yea cool! I felt completely bored but this is now a great spontaneous Idea!”. She told me that I should not forget bathing things. But I think she did know, I never would forget. So I went over to my Mom. My Mom, her Husband and his Son and me went into the Car. It was … Continue reading A spontaneous Trip to bathe in the Baltic Sea