Almost A Diorama Illusion

Almost A Diorama Effect

Here is a photo that I shot somewhere during my hikes. As you can see, I was walking through the nature but there are some signs of technology, like the Autobahn with the truck, the fields or the wind power wheels in the picture. But what I really find interesting about this picture is that it almost looks like a Diorama Illusion or miniature faked image. If you take a look at the truck on the Autobahn, it does somehow look like a toy. I think that illusion comes from the fact that I was focussing at the Autobahn of somewhere behind it, and as a result the foreground got blurry. In other words, it’s the shallow depth of field in the image that makes the truck on the Autobahn look like a miniature toy. It could also be related to the fact that this image was shot at 300mm, and that a lot of things are cramped into this scene with this narrow focal length. Whatever, the effect was not desired, but it looks somehow interesting.

Also, by the way, it looks like a very typical German landscape scene, because you could drive from North to South and you would regularly see very similar scenes on your way, except that you might see a more hilly landscape the further you drive in the South. But outside of the cities, it’s really just that, a lot of fields, farms, tree lines on the left and right. The rape farmland and wind turbines are very typical for the state Schleswig-Holstein.


2 thoughts on “Almost A Diorama Illusion

  1. Long shots often have a slightly unread feel, for exactly the reason you mention — the compression of the image in the distance. Those shots work best when you are focusing on a single object — like a bird or a helicopter. Sometimes, though, I like the compression. It can make a very interesting image.

    1. I was wondering if this is what people call lens compression but I was not completely sure. But since I shot many photos at 300mm, and without reading much about it, I always assumed that this is the compression people talk about. Depending on the focal lenght, you can make things appear smaller or bigger. You’re right, I had images where I didn’t like that, and then you have some very it really looks cool.

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