Almost A Diorama Illusion

Here is a photo that I shot somewhere during my hikes. As you can see, I was walking through the nature but there are some signs of technology, like the Autobahn with the truck, the fields or the wind power wheels in the picture. But what I really find interesting about this picture is that it almost looks like a Diorama Illusion or miniature faked image. If you take a look at the truck on the Autobahn, it does somehow look like a toy. I think that illusion comes from the fact that I was focussing at the Autobahn of … Continue reading Almost A Diorama Illusion

Playing Dart

I noticed that my mother and her husband have a dart board in their garden now. It’s been a while since I played dart and I challenged them to play it with me. I am out of practice but I improved again with each round. But of course I am a much better hobby photographer than a dart player and I wanted a picture of the darts with shallow depth of field or blurred background. My 50mm lens was attached and I like this lens for this type of photography, so that I shot the photo… Continue reading Playing Dart

Testing The 50mm Lens With My Cat

It’s raining outside and that means I don’t want to test my new 50mm lens outside yet. But I tested this lens already inside, especially at f/1.8 to get a nice blurry background or shallow depth of field. The problem is however that depth of field can become too shallow sometimes. Well, this is actually not a problem, it’s rather one of the reasons why I wanted to get this 50mm lens. What I meant is, that I do now have to get used to different aperture settings, or to be more exact to control this and to learn when … Continue reading Testing The 50mm Lens With My Cat

Beautiful Plant In The Forest

I saw the plant above in a small forest during my hike through the Schellbruch. I am not sure what kind of wild plant it is, I just thought it is a very beautiful plant. Apart from the plant, I do also like the depth of field and bokeh in the photo, I really like the result. Although it’s not working in every situation with my Nikon 18-105mm kit lens, I am happy that I learned how to get this kind of effect in some situations. If there is enough distance between the main subject and the stuff in the … Continue reading Beautiful Plant In The Forest