Winter in North Germany on the Baltic Sea

I know much People who hate Winter.. and all those Cold days. But you know what? I love it.
I am not exactly sure why I like it. I would not stay outside for to long. But some hours are really ok and can be very refreshing. It gives me new energy and some People I know, would probably disagree with me now.

But again.. we all are differend and some like this and some like that. So I decided to went out with my Family today. We choosed to drive to the Baltic Sea which is just 30 mins or 40 mins away from my Hometown called Lübeck depending which Highway-exit we choose. We usualy choose the Area called “Travemünde” which is closer but today we did take the next Exit and Location called “Scharbeutz”. It´s both on the Baltic Sea and just a differend Location (Village). So yea we just can choose what we want to see…

Arrived in “Scharbeutz” it was impressive like every Winter. I would not say that it is not impressive in Summer or any other Season. I love the Sea nevermind which Season is! But in Winter it can be very mystical on the Sea. Thats why I thought to take some Photos and add them to my Photography Folder on the Computer and upload them to my Blog.


Again I am not completely sure why I call it mystical. But maybe the Pictures I took speak for themself…


Looks like Ice Age here… maybe thats why I call it mystical! Ice! It is not there in any Sesion. But if it is there in Winter, it seems strange to us. But still beautiful!


I am also sure that some People thought it is funny that someone is taking Pictures of the Ice. But again, again.. For me it is just one of the most beautiful things in our Nature even if it looks very hostile to Life.


We also found a Hole in the Ice… looks cool! Last Year I´ve met some Norwegian Immigrants who took a bath in a similar Hole! They told me that this is healthy for the Body and Soul while I did swear that they could pay me a lot of Money and I still would not try that out. And then they said this must be practised very early and slowly otherwise it will hurt you anyway as you can get a Heart-attack if you are not used to it. I found that somewhat crazy. However I am not sure whats the Hole on my Photo is about. It doesn´t have to be the same Story.


I thought these Photos I took, are woth to share. This is how it looks like in North Germany on the Baltic Sea when it is very cold.

Concluding I just can say we had a fresh and fun day on the Baltic Sea today. It was relaxing wandering.

8 thoughts on “Winter in North Germany on the Baltic Sea

  1. Something strikes me as primal with a frozen sea. I love these images. I wish I could love winter too. I wish sometimes, that we’d have so much winter, that you’d be forced to slow down, to contemplate, but alas, that doesn’t happen.

    Love this post! 🙂

    1. Contemplate is a nice word for it. It´s really true. You can get deep in thought there. You just let the place appeal to you and forget about everything else for a moment. 🙂


  2. Your photos are really great. I did not know that there is so much ice. 🙂

    I have been in Travemünde, because I traveled by boat from Finland.

    1. Thank you very much 🙂 Cool! I Hope you had fun in Travemünde. I know there is a lot of ship connection between Travemünde to Finland, Denmark, Sweden and so on. I have been in Denmark for a day by boat from Travemünde but sadly it was just a one-day trip and there was not much time to enjoy Denmark. Did you make a one-day trip too or did you stay for some days in germany so that you had enough time to see some things here? 🙂

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