I shot the photo above today during my hike. It was shot outside of L├╝beck and there was a beautiful rural scenery on my way, but sometimes you see other signs of the civilization. For example the electricity pylons that cut right through the landscape. This power grid is connected to our city, and if it wouldn’t be there, you wouldn’t be able to read my words. That’s something that got into my mind before I almost typed “I don’t like that”. Talking about it from a photographers standpoint, I think you could say it has so-called “leading lines”. Your … Continue reading Electricity

Power Blackout In The City And My Observations

I sometimes take random photos like the one above. It’s a photo of an overhead line, and yes the photo is not very special. But as a blogger I am not just looking for good-looking photo subjects, no, in fact I am also looking for motived that might be useful in case I want to write about certain topics. Even if I photographed an overhead line of a railway track, I am associating it with power or electricity in general. So, how could this photo prove to be useful? Probably on a day where your city and the surroundings suffered … Continue reading Power Blackout In The City And My Observations

Winter in North Germany on the Baltic Sea

I know much People who hate Winter.. and all those Cold days. But you know what? I love it. I am not exactly sure why I like it. I would not stay outside for to long. But some hours are really ok and can be very refreshing. It gives me new energy and some People I know, would probably disagree with me now. But again.. we all are differend and some like this and some like that. So I decided to went out with my Family today. We choosed to drive to the Baltic Sea which is just 30 mins … Continue reading Winter in North Germany on the Baltic Sea