I shot the photo above today during my hike. It was shot outside of Lübeck and there was a beautiful rural scenery on my way, but sometimes you see other signs of the civilization. For example the electricity pylons that cut right through the landscape. This power grid is connected to our city, and if it wouldn’t be there, you wouldn’t be able to read my words. That’s something that got into my mind before I almost typed “I don’t like that”. Talking about it from a photographers standpoint, I think you could say it has so-called “leading lines”. Your eyes will wander from the first pylon to the last one, and there you will notice that the power grid goes in a few other directions. I made it black and white, because it somehow worked for the image.

5 thoughts on “Electricity

    1. Yep. But the main reason was that I was unimpressed with the sky color… monochrome fixed that, because then it’s not about colors. But generally… the photo really looks good that way.

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