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Tag: wandering

Finally Some Snowy Days

We had snow last week, the first time, but only for one day. But yesterday it started to snow again, and I went outside for a walk. I did take […]

Forest Path

Going through a forest is something very relaxing. Hearing nothing else than the branches and the wood in the wind, hearing the crows and many other birds and animals, that […]

Wandering In October

It’s October but it was still sunny this week, today the weather was fine too and I used the Sunday to get out of the apartment. Today I didn’t have […]

Strange Wildflower

The flower above looks pretty strange. I think it´s a wildflower that I found last year when I was wandering near the Trave River here in Lübeck.

A Photo of a Hedgehog

I took this photo last autumn, I think. I found this hedgehog near the house entrance of the apartments where I live. Far enough away from any streets but near […]

Wandering in Travemünde

Didn´t upload a Travemünde photo for some time now. Well, above we have a new one. My mother and her husband walked on the beach some days ago and my […]