Finally Some Snowy Days

Snow in Reinfeld

We had snow last week, the first time, but only for one day. But yesterday it started to snow again, and I went outside for a walk. I did take several pictures but most of them are not too interesting, but it was fun anyway. I mentioned it often, I like clean and fresh air, I like it cold. I have been outside for three or four hours today. I saw a lot of people outside, I think nobody expected a winter, and now that there is snow, people seemed happy about it. On the subject of expecting, I still run in summer sneakers, they don’t have much profile, I almost slipped a few times today. I still think winter shoes are a bad investment this year, I let the time go on and save the money, my feeds don’t feel could in my sneakers anyway.

9 thoughts on “Finally Some Snowy Days

    1. I don’t get cold feets in them, but we don’t have high snow at the moment. The fact that sneakers have a flat sole without profile was a bigger problem, there was glazed frost on the snowy paths.. at times I had to walk beside the path becuase it was not slippy there 😀 I could just buy winter shoes, but I really don’t believe in a long winter. Although it looks snowy and cold when you take a look at the photo, it really isn’t that cold, at least not for a northern german 😀

  1. It is snowing in here again, dear Dennis. But can you imagine, it was 18°C this saturday, and today it is -2°C… What a fast change!!!!! I hate to be outside when it snows and gets snow… I like to watch snow behind the windows… 🙂 The weather goes strange… Thank you, have a nice day, love, nia

    1. I would dislike snow if we would have it 365 days in a year, but I like the winter seasons as they are here. Depending on how long it stays cold, if at all, I usually start to complain when it’s too cold for too long 😀 But over the last years we didn’t have great and long winters, that was much different one or two decades ago.

    1. That’s cool, in the true sense of the word 🙂 It’s still snowing here today too. It came late this year, but good to see some snowfall. 🙂

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