Bird Sand, Suggar, a mysterious Pirate and a Fish? This should make you nosy!

It´s fun to see, what my mother comes up with when she is bored. Today I visited my Mom and she was happy and said “Hey I want to show you something and hear your opinion!”.

We went to the kitchen and soon I noticed she painted something with suggar on the Countertop…


I dont know. First I had to laugh because this looks pretty much like a evil cartoony Pirate. Maybe it just did remind me to the Pirate LeChuck from the Point and Click Game called Monkey Island which I played much when I was younger. But in fact she doesn´t know this evil Pirate from the Game. That made it more amusing as this just came up when she started to paint with Suggar on the Countertop. Even if my Mother is not an Artist, it´s fun to see that she has her activity´s when she is bored. And I believe this is cool. I would say this is creative. So why not spend some time painting with Suggar on the Counterop in the Kitchen when you are bored? I thought this is a Blogpost worthy.

But not enough! We went to the Living Room and then she did show me a translucent Vase full of Bird Sand. And she painted in this Sand…


I dont know. I believe she painted a Fish in the Sand. What do you think? However. It just makes me cheerful when I see that my Mom knows how to dispel boredom.
She´s not an Artist but looks like she is at least a little bit creative sometimes. 🙂

So this is why I told her.. “Really Mom! I like it.. it makes me happy when I see you had fun!”. And then I took some Photos.

Just a little Joke aside…
There are no Copyright Problems as I asked my Mom if I can upload these Paintings to my Blog. I do have permission to do so 😛

So what do you think about my Mom´s funny Paintings? 🙂

4 thoughts on “Bird Sand, Suggar, a mysterious Pirate and a Fish? This should make you nosy!

  1. Katie.. Cool that you enjoyed the Post and thanks for the Comment. My Mom has often any ideas. Its fun to see that she never gets bored. Sometimes my Mom and my little Sister sit there when I visit them and they heck out anything. Yes I think they have often fun when they tinker around with any stuff. 🙂


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