Bored Kitty

Here is a photo of my cat Shyna again. She is quite bored this weeks since I can not play a lot with her due to my strain. But I tried to follow her and shot a photo in the floor, you really see her boredom. The boredom makes her unhappy, and at the moment she is grumpy and up for nonsense. I was bored too and loaded the image up in Lightroom and tried the free Nik Filter Collection. I used one of the Analog Efex Pro 2 filters from the filter collection and I like how it turned … Continue reading Bored Kitty

Symptom Boredom: We Are Trained To Be Always In Action

As the title of this small article states, boredom is not really as bad as we often perceive it. Back then when I felt bored, it would really drive me nuts, but today I think boredom is there because you might need a downtime, really. Sometimes when I am bored I lay on my couch in the living room to do nothing, yes nothing except of entering the world of thought, or just being thoughtless, it doesn’t matter to me. Here is why I think you don’t have to fight boredom… I think in this modern life we are trained … Continue reading Symptom Boredom: We Are Trained To Be Always In Action

Boredom, A Beach Photo And Photoshop

Above you can see the results of my boredom. I opened one of my beach photos that I didn´t like and tried to make something out of it with Photoshop. I´m not sure about the result but I was at least able to kill my boredom. The photo looks now pretty crazy and maybe it´s overdone but it looks still better compared to the original… The original photo was taken in Travemünde on the Baltic Sea near Lübeck. Continue reading Boredom, A Beach Photo And Photoshop