Rusty Texture

Above is a photo that I also shot with a cheapo point-and-shoot camera. The camera I used at that time was a Medion Life P43040, which you can see here. The camera had a macro mode, although I personally think it didn’t have a lot to do with macro photography except that you could take close-up photos. With that mode I really got fascinated with close-up photos of flowers but also textures. I really loved textures, especially rusty stuff like in the image above. What I like about rusty metal that makes paint burst, is that it looks pretty abstract … Continue reading Rusty Texture

More Paintings of my Mother

Like mentioned here, my Mom is trying out painting with acrylic Colors and looks like she has fun doing so. Today she finished some new Stuff. Here is it: I like the Painting on the first Photo. I like the red and black color mixed and used. I am not sure about the other Paintings but I really love the first one. But whatever I do think.. the most important Thing is that my Mother has a lot of fun and that she knows how to have a great Time. Continue reading More Paintings of my Mother

Bird Sand, Suggar, a mysterious Pirate and a Fish? This should make you nosy!

It´s fun to see, what my mother comes up with when she is bored. Today I visited my Mom and she was happy and said “Hey I want to show you something and hear your opinion!”. We went to the kitchen and soon I noticed she painted something with suggar on the Countertop… I dont know. First I had to laugh because this looks pretty much like a evil cartoony Pirate. Maybe it just did remind me to the Pirate LeChuck from the Point and Click Game called Monkey Island which I played much when I was younger. But in … Continue reading Bird Sand, Suggar, a mysterious Pirate and a Fish? This should make you nosy!