Much Fur

I don’t take a lot of dog photos but this might be a lie. It’s probably more correct to say that I take more cat photos than I do take dog photos. But a while ago I saw a dog crossing my path in a garden area and the owners were far behind the dog, which means it was a good chance to take a photo without having one of those common discussions about whether I am allowed to take a photo of someone’s dog or not (sure, I am allowed, but I am tired to discuss it with those … Continue reading Much Fur

Black Horse

I just realized that I have quite a few horse photos on my blog but not a single black horse. So, here it is. I found the black horse at the top in my photo library. This photo was also shot during my time in Reinfeld. Since it is a rural place, I saw quite a lot of horses there but I haven’t uploaded them all yet. I will slowly work on this because I always shoot more photos than I can upload in time. But I said this quite often and I think you photographers know the problem as … Continue reading Black Horse