The Flying Tuxedo Cat

Today I found this gem while browsing YouTube for news and other things. During an American football match in the Miami Hard Rock Stadium between the Miami Hurricanes and the Appalachian State Mountaineers, a black and white cat (Don’t worry, it wasn’t Shyna) hung down a stadium terrace and fought for its life. A guy in an orange t-shirt offered his whole arm as a scratching post but the cat couldn’t reach the arm and flew down with stretched out legs like a squirrel. Fortunately, some heroes catched the cat with an US flag. Here we have it, actually, national pride can rescue animals. See it yourself…

By the way, the cat is alive, the idea with the flag worked. The cat was later brought to a vet and it is said the cat is ok. I was curious why the cat was in the stadium. I would assume it is a stray cat that somehow got into the stadium before the match and then became scared by the crowd when the stadium was filled. What do you think?


8 thoughts on “The Flying Tuxedo Cat

  1. That was so upsetting to watch. I’m glad that you mentioned that the cat was saved in the beginning. I wonder how it got there in the first place? It was also good to see that people were so engaged in the drama and seemed to care what happened. Tuxedo cat definitely used up one of its nine lives there.

    1. I had to open several videos and news articles about it to find out that the cat was brought to the vet for a check-up and that the cat is ok. It’s the main question people will have after such a video, I find it strange that authors or news stations don’t add it to their video or articles.

      I wondered why the dude in orange didn’t rip off his shirt in an attempt to help the cat. But as it always is, it’s harder to be in a situation and make decision than watching YouTube videos and analyzing potential ways to do it differently. So, I probably wouldn’t have thought about it either if I were him. It could also very well be that he realized that the guys below have the flag ready, and that he only hung his arm down to scare the cat, so that it does let go, to eventually fall into the flag. What do we know, I am just happy that the cat made it 🙂

      The cat definitely used the lives up, but the video is also one of the best examples of why cats rather survive falls from high altitudes than low altitudes. They need the time to spin the body so that the legs point down first, and in the video you also see that their fur almost becomes a parachute after the spin. A while ago, I’ve read an article about it on a vet website, they claimed cats usually break all their bones when they fall from too low altitude (I believe they mentioned second or third etage, but I am not sure anymore but it went like “the higher the etage, the better”)… because it’s not enough time to spin right, and as one would expect, their inner organs and bones can tear with the impact then.

      1. That’s good to know Dennis. I wondered what happened to it afterwards and it is a pity that the news reports did not mention that. If the cat was a feral as I suspect it might have been I hope some effort was made to rehome it.
        Cats are wonderful the way they can turn their bodies but l can see where a low altitude fall could harm them more. Like a human whose parachute opens too late.

    2. I couldn’t find any information on how the cat got into the stadium. I hope no human had the glorious idea to get his/her cat into the stadium. I would assume it’s a stray cat that somehow got into the stadium, hidden under the chairs maybe… and then the stadium filled and the cat got scared. Maybe that’s plausible, I have no clue.

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